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Commissioned Art Works & Designs approved on a case by case basis so please contact us with your idea's


7/28/2020- Such an adorable planter, perfect for a succulent! Thank you! -Heather

8/20/2020- Wow! This came in 2.5 days after ordering! Yay for fast packaging and the USPS :) and about this pot, I bought it for a friend and she said she was staring at the pot for a good while bc the handiwork is AMAZING. It's really pretty and such a sweet addition to my friend's garden would definitely order from this shop again. Thank you for your amazing artwork! -jambaismz

8/21/2020- Beautiful!!! I love it. Came wrapped up in bubble wrap and fit snugly inside of the box to prevent breakage. Idk what I'm going to plant in it yet but it's beyond adorable. -djohnson3450