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Anisa G.

"I was tired of trying to game on my school laptop since it kept overheating and turning off on me. So I told Kevin about it and how much I could afford on a new one and he sat me down and explained part by part what I needed now to get up and running and what I could upgrade later when I had a little more to spend if I wanted. I've been so satisfied with what I have that I haven't even thought about upgrading yet and it was all on the midrange budget side of things. Best Experience ever!"

Tasha W.

"Kevin was so great! He fixed my all in one over night when it kept crashing one me and didn't even charge me since we are friends so I had to buy him lunch!"

Scott T.

"Thanks for fixing the training class MacOS computer. It wouldn't even start up and it was like new the next morning for class, you're awesome!"

Tanks for Fun

Road Rage Edition

(Demo Version V3.4)

Tanks for Fun Demo Epic Game Over Explosions thumbnail

Can you make it?

Play Free online @ Unity Play:

Tanks for Fun Road Rage Edition Game Play video

Tanks for Fun Road Rage Demo Edition V3.4 Play Free online @ Unity Play

Game Description:

Ever get road rage bad enough to wish you could just get in a tank and smash into EVERYTHING without the fear of consequences?

Well now's your chance!!! Have fun & Good Luck!

Drive a tank through populated city area's & traffic while smashing through whatever is in your way and blowing stuff up with the cannon.

Running over protesters & crushing traffic while avoiding getting taken out by the cops and National Guard.

Watch out, They shoot back!

Rack up a high score by causing the most carnage possible & don't forget to stay stocked up on fuel or times up!

If you would like to help support our Game Development, hit the Patreon link above or head on over to

Play Free online @ Unity Play:

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Developer's Notebook Pic

(I like to write so I will start keeping everything I write here.)

(Mainly Focused on Notes from things I learn
as I like to learn new things but have a bad memory
so this will give me a quick review option.)

About The Developer:

Kevin Thompson Headshot

Want to learn a little more about the Lead Developer?

Click Here for Kevin Thompson's Portfolio

IT Specialist / Web & Front-End Developer
& C# Unity Game Developer

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