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I'm Kevin and as you scroll you will find out a little more about my Objectives, Skills, Experience, Certifications, & Projects that I've worked on. Please feel free to Email me with any questions or to request my resume as it will have more specific details and I hope you have a great day!

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Kevin R. Thompson

IT Specialist / Web & Front-End Developer / C# Unity Game Developer

Email: KevinR.Thompson@Outlook.com

Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est


  • My Main Objective is to continue learning & understanding as much as possible.
  • Career Goal is to learn everything needed to become a Full-Stack Developer & beyond.
  • I thouroughly enjoy Game Development & programming to discover and solve problems while creating new experiences and worlds to be discovered.
  • Then I eventually plan to work my way into Information Security Analysis.
  • Ultimately becoming a Software/Systems Engineer focused on cyber security & optimization.


Development, MarkUp, & Programming Languages that i'm familiar with:


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Personal Aptitudes:

  • Devoted & Determined Self Learner that maintains self-motivation requiring no oversight to stay on task and accomplish what needs to be done while being known for being reliable, well organized, detail oriented, & efficient.
  • Troubleshooting & Problem Solving using creative solutions with a firm belief that problems are only misunderstood opportunities.

Professional Aptitudes:

  • Unity 3D Game Development with C# Scripting. (Junior Developer)
  • Front-End Development. Website Design, Development, Optimization & Maintinence. (HTML, CSS, & Bootstrap.) (Junior Developer) For more infomation please visit www.CaligoArts.com where I showcase my projects and show more detailed information on Web Design, Game Development, & various notes on technical how to's & things I've learned throughout my developer journey.
  • Computer, Tablet, Phone, & Electronic's hardware/software diagnostics and repair. (Onsite in the Charleston, SC area.) For more infomation please visit Caligo Arts Computer Repair of Charleston, SC
  • Remote & On Site Diagnostics & Troubleshooting.
  • Remote PC Malware & Virus Detection & Removal.
  • Custom built PC's built to requested specs.
  • Systems Adminstration.
  • Typing 60+wpm w/ 98% accuracy on average.
  • Customer Service & Sales since 2001.
  • Known for Hanging in there when things get tough & Getting Organized to see the Job Done.
Kevin Known for Hanging in there when things get tough.


  • 2022_2-25 C# Programming Project: Tanks for Fun Road Rage Edition V3.4 Released on Unity Play. You can Play Free @ https://play.unity.com/mg/other/tanksforfunroadrageeditiondemov1-0

    Tanks for Fun Road Rage Edition Graphic

  • 2022_2-5 Updated GamePlay Video for Tanks for Fun. Changes detailed at CaligoArts.com

  • 2022_2-1 Launched Tanks For Fun Road Rage Edition Demo Preview to get feedback and gauge interest. You can Play Free on UnityPlay @ https://play.unity.com/mg/other/tanksforfun-v1-0

  • 2021_12-3 Launched CaligoArts.com as a Showcase of all my projects to display my Web Design, Game Development, & Development notes.
  • 2021_9-1 Had an idea for & started prototyping my first game idea from scratch called Tanks for Fun Road Rage Edition.
  • 2021_7-20 Started Learning the Unity 3D Junior Programmer Pathway to learn more about C# Programming.
  • 2021_7-10 Completed the Unity 3D Essentials Pathway & Earned the Certification Badge.
  • 2021_7-7 Started Learning Unity 3D Game Development using C# Scripting.
  • 2019 FreeCodeCamp.org Responsive Web Design Certification aquired 12/20/2019
  • 2019 IT Specialist at Xfinity Mobile handling Tier 2 Technical Support.
  • 2017 Started learning CSS, Bootstrap, & Javascript
  • 2015 IT Specialist for Energy Inc doing General System Administration and Tier 2 Technical Support.(4yrs.)
  • 2014 Total Computer Solutions as Tier 2 Repair Technician where I made my local tv debut in their first commercial.

  • MacOS & Application's since 2009.
  • GNU/Linux OS & Application's since 2007.
  • Learned HTML in 2002 through online tutorials and trial and error.
  • 2001 Started in Customer Service and Sales at Future Call Telemarketing handling outbound credit card sales and inbound customer service of accounts.
  • Windows OS & Application's since 1997.
  • Taking electronics apart since 1987.
    (Successfully putting them back together since 1988)
  • Curiosity since the beginning.


Web Design & Development:

Certification for Responsive Web Design

Game Design & Development:

Unity Course Completion Badges:

(Click here to check out my Unity Profile Projects and for detailed information on Competencies & Skills required to earn each Badge.)

Foundations: Get started with Unity

Foundations: Get started with Unity Badge

Earned: July 07, 2021

Foundations: Explore Unity

Foundations: Explore Unity Badge

Earned: July 10, 2021

Foundations: Learn Unity

Foundations: Learn Unity Badge

Earned: July 10, 2021

Junior Programmer: Create with Code 1

Junior Programmer: Create with Code 1 Badge

Earned: July 23, 2021

Junior Programmer: Create with Code 2

Junior Programmer: Create with Code 2 Badge

Earned: August 02, 2021


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Game Design:

Web Design:

Project 12:

Future Project

To be determined

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Project 11:

Caligo Arts

My Website for Web Design & Game Development Studio

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Project 10:

Space Dust Trading Co.

Created site for a friend

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Project 3:


(HTML5, CSS, & Bootstrap)

See the Pen Personal Portfolio 1 by Kevin Thompson (@KevinR-Thompson) on CodePen.

Project 2:

Tribute Page

(HTML5 & Bootstrap)

See the Pen Tribute to Sir Tim Berners-Lee by Kevin Thompson (@KevinR-Thompson) on CodePen.

Project 1:

Mobile CatPhotoApp

(HTML5, CSS, & Bootstrap)

See the Pen FCC Cat Photo App by Kevin Thompson (@KevinR-Thompson) on CodePen.